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altTom Deglman is the Chief Engineer/Producer at DrcStudio.  Tom also free-lances at many recording studios and production houses in cities throughout the country... including Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles.  Tom has produced a full range of musical and audio projects... including rock, pop, country, folk, jazz, blues and classical records; and has done sound design for radio, TV, film and motion pictures - many with 5.1 surround sound.  Tom is "Mastered for iTunes" certified.

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"I have spent a lifetime perfecting my craft, and I bring my expertise and unique perspective to every project I work on.  I have a musical as well as a technical background.  I have good ears, great equipment, and an understanding of many different genres.  I am sensitive to the needs of the producer and artist, and I treat each project with the utmost priority.  I will do, as I have always done, the very best job possible in helping my clients realize their dream recording."